Conversational AI. Understood., Designed., Measured.,Managed.

Impactful IVR, voice and chat bots.

Customer experiences are becoming more digital.

Digital is becoming more conversational.

Conversational AI needs a different approach.

Your IVR, voice or chat bot isn’t just an app. It’s a bot workforce that's talking to millions of customers.
They need managing, just like your customer services team. But they don’t speak your language. They’re hard to understand, direct and measure
With 20 years’ experience managing Conversational AI for large B2C organisations, we help design, measure and manage your bots to achieve your goals. We call this HR for AI.
Want to deliver more impactful IVR, voice and chat bots? You're in the right place.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI delivers highly engaging and natural customer interactions at large scale and low cost… or an off-brand experience, frustrated customers, and little or no data on what works and what doesn’t. Check out this introduction to understand what makes the difference

VoxGen - What is Conversational AI


How we help

We help Customer Service, Product and IT execs deliver maximum impact with their IVR, voice and chat bot investments.

It starts with a Discovery project that defines the strategy and creates the blueprint for success based on what you, your business, and your customers need.

Then we start line managing your bots and coaching your team. We’ll drive implementation priorities for maximum ROI. We’ll set up the measurement framework, agree targets and monitor the impact of deployments. Then we update the blueprint and repeat the cycle.

Many companies lack depth in Conversation DesignIt’s a very different beast to GUI. So we can do that bit for you. Or with you.

In 6-12 months, you’ll have the process dialled and you can go it alone. Or keep us on board to take your strategy, and bot management, to the next level.


Does this sound familiar?

You're not alone. We hear these concerns all the time. Click away for a fresh approach to the same old problems...

  • I want a better Customer Experience!

    A maze of options, miss-matched recordings, a voice that sounds bored. We hear it all the time. And chat bots are no better. When was the last time you checked out your IVR, or chatbot? Does it reflect well on your brand? Do the millions of customers who use it, love it? Chances are there are some quick fixes that would make a big difference. Check out our CX checklist to find out what’s wrong and use our Guerilla CX guide for some ideas on how to fix it. Want some help? Check out our approach to Conversation Design, or chat now to arrange a free review.

  • I need more containment!

    Are you sure? Standard industry measures, like containment, are misleading. Customers hanging up in IVR, or clicking away from a chat in frustration are NOT a benefit to your business. You need more good containment. You need customers getting stuff done and walking away happy… or getting to the right agent to get their query sorted quickly. There might even be an opportunity for up-sell. Make sure you’re measuring the right things. Check out our IVR metrics e-book to figure out what to measure, or see how Bot Management delivers maximum impact from your conversational AI investments.  If you you’re ready to start improving, chat now to arrange a free review.

  • How do I build a business case for better Conversational AI?

    Everyone wants a better Customer Experience. You do. Your customers do. But you’ve got to convince your boss, or yourself, that the investment is worth it. You need to build and articulate a vision that compels action and a business case that justifies it. Check out our popular Outrageously great IVR guide for inspiration or check out how our Discovery project delivers the vision, and the justification, you need. Want to get started faster? Chat now to arrange a free review.

  • What’s the best Conversational AI platform?

    The best conversational AI platform is a well managed one. You probably don't need a new bot platform. You just need to manage your bots better. Technical bells and whistles are no substitute for the the right strategy, awesome Conversation Design, and the accountability and insight that comes from proper Bot management. If you have those things in place, and your tech is still constraining you, you’ll know exactly which questions to ask of the platform vendors to find the right step for you. Still not convinced? Why not chat now to get answers to your questions.

Does it work?

In a word, yes! Here are some examples of the impact VoxGen has had for Business to Consumer brands like yours...


Self service containment


Average C-Sat scores


Annual benefit

Is this for me?

We work with B2C organisations in the US, UK and EU that handle more than 1 million customer contacts per year. If that sounds like you, get in touch. You’re in good company...

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