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5 Steps to Effective IVR

5 Steps to Effective IVR

Let’s get engaged and work together. Here’s how the different stages of doing that might typically work, how long each take and what the outcomes will be.

  1. Review
  2. Discovery
  3. Design
  4. Persona
  5. In-Life

1. Review

The Review is a typical first step. It’s a far more granular version of the audit process described in our free IVR assessment.

  • How clear and concise are the menus and prompts?
  • Is the language natural or is there jargon that’s hard to understand?
  • Is there a clear information architecture or ‘mental model’ that allows callers to instantly know where they are without having to learn the options?
  • Does the persona, the sound and feel of the system, match the brand attributes?

The VoxGen team will review the customer experience from the outside in and produce a presentation of findings to discuss whether the system is providing optimal benefit or if there’s room for improvement. This exercise usually takes about two weeks.

2. Discovery

The Review step can be delivered as part of a larger Discovery exercise, delivering a picture of the potential for self-service automation and how it could benefit your customers and business.

Discovery involves meeting with your stakeholders across Operations, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Product, Marketing/Brand and IT to understand exactly how an improved suite of customer contact solutions might stack up. We’ll collect whatever documentation and business intelligence exists for your current customer contact solutions. Then a VoxGen business analyst, a user experience specialist and a technical expert, will sift the data and come up with a plan of action to optimise how customers contact you.

3. Design

The Design is a complete reworking of the automated systems to align the ideal user experience with your desired business outcomes. This happens if or when it becomes apparent that existing systems can’t be optimised enough to deliver what’s needed. The result should also be a solution that is flexible and fully future proofed to adapt to new products and channels.

  • VoxGen designers gather business and user requirements along with an understanding of available technology to create sample dialogues and a high level design (or ‘information architecture’).
  • This is then prototyped and usability tested with actual customers.
  • Then a Detailed Design is created that can be used by developers to code the solution.

Delivery times and budgets are dependant on the complexity of the system to be designed and developed.

4. Persona

Persona is the consistent character of any system. It’s not just a voice. It’s the impression people take away of the brand. It’s the glue that pulls the interaction together and makes it useable. Without it the prompts are isolated and discrete, without cohesion. That requires the user to parse the prompts one at a time to understand what is being said.

A clear, consistent persona allows the caller to easily interact and allows the technical interface to disappear and the brand to shine through.

  • Our team of experts will collaborate with Brand and Marketing to gain a deep understanding of your brand DNA and how it’s expressed through Print, TV, Radio, on the web and through your other contact channels.
  • We’ll create a series of characters with biographies and back-stories for each. We do this to allow the voice actors to understand how the attributes inform the character.
  • We’ll test these personas with actual customers through a prototype system to establish the best ‘fit’ and report back to you to choose the perfect persona to represent your brand in the IVR.

This process generally takes 4-6 weeks.

5. In-Life

It’s up to you whether VoxGen develops and QAs the final system, or your internal team. The same applies to where you deploy the system: on premise, in the cloud or in VoxGen’s hosted environment.

  • We’ll lend support during the process to ensure that the design is as expected and we’ll produce the audio prompts with the selected persona.
  • The finished product will be an easy to use combination of call routing and appropriate automation in ASR (speech recognition) or DTMF that leverages best practices and is designed to be future proof.
  • We can provide comprehensive BI as a window into exactly how the system is performing along with a managed service, as well as 24×7 support and continuous improvement to ensure the system continues to deliver the customer experience and business outcomes you expect.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, or you can leave your details here and we’ll get back to you.

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