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Get the best cloud hosting partner for your IVR – here’s how

Get the best cloud hosting partner for your IVR – here’s how

Moving your IVR to the cloud can pay huge dividends – but not all hosting solutions are equal. Our checklist has 10 reasons to choose VoxGen as your IVR cloud partner.

If yours is like most modern businesses, you’ll be evaluating cloud as an option for almost every major IT decision. And your IVR will be no exception.

Maybe your current IVR is nearing the end of its life, and you’re deciding whether to replace it with another on-premises system or take the opportunity to start again in the cloud. Maybe you have a phased strategy to move existing applications into the cloud. Or maybe you’re looking for tactical ways to reduce your on-premises infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Whatever your approach to the cloud, you’ll want to weigh your options carefully when it comes to business-critical applications like IVR.

You need to choose a provider that you can 100% trust to keep your IVR application up and running, no matter how high your call volumes go. You need to be sure your provider is instantly available on the phone if any problems arise. And you need to be sure that your cloud-hosted application meets all of your security and data protection requirements.


Discover 10 ways VoxGen can help with IVR cloud hosting

VoxGen has spent 15 years working with large organizations to build and manage smart, connected, conversational IVR applications that provide a great customer experience and deliver against business objectives.

We see more and more of these organizations taking an interest in cloud-hosted IVR, seeing the benefits it can bring in terms of reduced costs, lower maintenance requirements, and on-demand scalability.

Many also appreciate the value of an expert cloud partner who can not only provision and manage the hosted application, but also monitor it 24/7 for any issues (and proactively fix them), and regularly update the application to take account of new customer needs or business requirements.

From our experience, we’ve created a checklist of 10 things that most organizations look for when choosing a cloud hosting partner for their IVR.

Download it today and discover how VoxGen can help you successfully move your IVR to the cloud.


What if I’m not sure if I want to go the cloud route?

While some organizations are settled on a definite, all-in cloud strategy, others are keeping their options open. You may feel that cloud could work for some elements of your IVR (like the application layer), for example) but not others (like voice processing).

You may want the ability to move your IVR back in-house in future, or to another cloud infrastructure provider. Or you may feel that cloud could be a good option for developing and testing new IVR applications, but you’d like to keep your production apps on-premises.

With VoxGen, you don’t have to choose a single path. We understand that circumstances and strategies change, and our flexible pricing and contracts mean you’re never locked in to an arrangement that doesn’t work for you. Get the checklist to see how we can support your IVR hosting strategy today and as it evolves.


10 reasons to choose VoxGen Hosting

From our 100% uptime guarantee to our world-class cloud infrastructure, discover 10 reasons to choose VoxGen as your expert IVR cloud hosting partner.

Get the checklist.

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