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Don’t Get Tied into the Wrong IVR Technology

Don’t Get Tied into the Wrong IVR Technology

Don’t tie me in: from the first line of code, you’re tied into some technology or another, so you better make sure you’re tied into the right thing

I hear it all the time: “we don’t want to be tied into a proprietary system”. I can understand that. Nobody wants to close down their options, but it’s a false dream. Face it: as soon as you (or your supplier) cut one line of code, you’re tied in.

If you change your mind about the technology you’re using or the design of the solution, you might have to re-write that line of code. But that’s OK! Modern tools, frameworks and methodologies make it possible to manage change.

Make the most of them. Instead of worrying about using a tool, framework or module because it will tie you in, enjoy the reduction of effort today, and know that you can re-invest it later if you change your mind, because you will.

The worst thing you can do is pretend that building everything from scratch means you won’t be tied in. You will still be tied in, and if you did it yourself, you’ll probably not have enough time and effort to undo things.

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