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Forrester Webinar: The Role of IVR in an Omni-Channel Strategy

Forrester Webinar: The Role of IVR in an Omni-Channel Strategy

As customers use more channels to engage with your organization, the IVR has a new and exciting role to play. Our exclusive webinar with Forrester’s Art Schoeller reveals how.

In an omni-channel world, what’s the role of the IVR in the customer service mix?

To answer this question, we invited Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Art Schoeller and VoxGen CEO Kerry Robinson to present an expert webinar on how IVR needs to evolve in the Age of the Customer.

The archived webinar is now available to watch here.


A 45-minute tour of emerging IVR best practice

If you’re responsible for customer service – or the customer experience – at your organization, this webinar is well worth 45 minutes of your time.

Drawing on Forrester research, it shines a light on the rapidly-changing ways that today’s customers interact with an organization, especially when they need help with something.

It looks at how customers use the various channels at their disposal – web, mobile apps, SMS, face-to-face, contact centre and self-service IVR – to get the help they need. And it examines the critical role that the IVR can play in orchestrating their experience across channels.


Why does IVR so often fail as a customer service channel – and how can you fix it?

Despite the fact that most customers still use it, the IVR often fails as a customer service channel. Art Schoeller looks at the reasons why this is: whether through lack of attention and investment, lack of technical know-how, or an over-focus on digital channels like mobile and web.

He shares best practice from some of the world’s most customer-centric brands, explaining how senior executives responsible for different customer engagement channels – including IVR – can work together to establish and maintain a seamless customer experience.

That means understanding which interactions work best in which channel, and putting the right metrics in place to ensure customers are getting the service experience they need.

Finally, Art provides a wealth of advice about the kind of expert help available to help you get a truly effective IVR, from fully managed service providers to IVR application development and UX testing.


VoxGen’s IVR lessons from the real world

Building on Art’s points and advice, VoxGen CEO Kerry Robinson talks about some of the good – and not so good – IVR experiences the VoxGen team have encountered in the real world.

He demonstrates the damage that can be caused by leaving the IVR to rot (an astonishingly common problem), discusses the danger of focusing on “efficiency” metrics like containment, and provides three principles for building an effective IVR for the omni-channel era.

For any organization looking to improve the customer journey across channels, this webinar is an excellent guide to how to bring the IVR into the multichannel mix – and to use it as a highly effective method of orchestrating customer service between the web, mobile, SMS and the contact centre.


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Plus, there’s the opportunity to get free access to two Forrester reports, worth over $3,000:  Vendor Landscape: Interactive Voice Response Solutions, and Guerrilla CX: Improving the Quality of Your CX Despite Tight Budgets and Small Teams.

Watch the webinar here.

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