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IVR in Utilities: Learnings from Anglian Water

IVR in Utilities: Learnings from Anglian Water

Anglian Water, geographically the largest water company in England & Wales, turned to VoxGen to take advantage of OFWAT’s SIM (Service Incentive Mechanism), which financially rewards good and penalises poor customer service. The result was a new voice self-service solution that enhanced the customer experience, increased satisfaction and reduced costs. Listen to it here:

[haiku url=”http://voxgen.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/ANGLIAN.mp3″ player=208]

Benefits included an average handing time reduction of 20 seconds per call (Anglian Water takes 2.2 million billing calls a year), automated self-service for 25% of all enquiries, full ROI plus projected net benefit of £2m within five years, improved debt recovery and number one position in the SIM industry league table for customer satisfaction. Everything about Anglian Water is big, but remaining focused on treating people as individuals was a key objective.

You can read the full case study here, but here’s some of what Martyn Oakley, Customer Service Director at Anglian Water said: “Our goal is nothing less than 100 per cent customer satisfaction. We want to be renowned for doing things right first time and minimising customer effort. VoxGen’s solution forms the basis for our multichannel contact strategy – bring the customer, the front office and back-office closer together.”


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