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Is Containment the right approach to measuring IVR Effectiveness?

Is Containment the right approach to measuring IVR Effectiveness?

IVR has historically been a cost-saving tool; reducing the need for expensive contact center agents. In the past, that’s led to an obsession with measuring “containment” – the number of calls that start and finish in the IVR without the caller talking to an agent.

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Understanding the reasons for calls not being contained in the IVR is essential

Containment isn’t equal to good customer experience. Someone could go through an automated payment but have a really poor experience so containment may be high but CSAT results are low.

We also know that there are genuine reasons for IVR callers having to transfer. Hiding ways to get to an agent for those genuine reasons is bad for business and the bottom line.

If you’re seeing high hang-up rates, it could be that the caller got stuck in the IVR, gave up, and took their business elsewhere. Or perhaps they had to hang up to answer the doorbell or attend to a child.

This is where relying on containment measures alone won’t give you the complete picture for understanding the effectiveness of your IVR.

How do you ensure your IVR is effective?

A well-designed IVR can have a powerful impact on financial goals like cost efficiencies, bottom-line profit, and even top-line revenue. But understanding that contribution – and optimizing it – requires more sophisticated metrics than simple “containment”.

It means looking in detail at how the IVR is really performing, and how it works with the contact center to ensure every call is resolved efficiently and effectively.

That can’t be done with broad-brush customer service metrics: it requires a carefully-selected blend of IVR-specific and wider contact center metrics to understand how each portion of the customer journey is working.

Through our work with clients, we’ve identified 10 alternative ways of measuring your IVR’s performance, so you can be sure it’s delivering exactly what you – and your callers – need.



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