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Own your Bot Strategy. You can do this!

A medium rare steak on a wooden board

I love a good steak. But I was always scared of cooking one myself. I tried a couple of times and overcooked it. $50 of prime rib. Ruined. So I gave up.

Then about 10 years ago, Gordon Ramsay, the famous chef from Hell’s Kitchen, did a ‘cook along live’ show. It was a brilliant idea. He told you what to buy the week before, then you set up the television in the kitchen and literally cooked along with him. Live. He told you when to put the pan on, how to season the meat. He guided us through every step.

An hour later me and my future wife finished our desserts. 3 delightful dishes, and the best steak I’d ever had. Anywhere.

We’re all capable of more than we think. We just need the confidence to do it. The right ingredients and the right guide can make all the difference.

In the last email in this series, I laid out the 8 steps to delivering a brilliant IVR, voice, and chatbot strategy. It’s not a quick fix. It takes about 6-8 weeks, and a bit of effort, but the results can be incredible.

We took a large US retailer through this process a couple of years back, and I recently spoke to their senior product manager, Bindi, who was in charge of the IVR project, to see how things were going. She said this:

“The Bot Strategy process was a cornerstone of our ability to progress so quickly”

Within 18 months they had transformed their IVR, and they’re now looking at rolling out a chatbot too.

But not everyone wants or can afford to pay us to do this for them. That’s why we decided to launch the Bot Strategy Bootcamp. Well, that and my experience with Gordon Ramsay!

Bot Strategy Bootcamp takes this same process and guides you through it. It’s not your usual corporate training event where you learn some stuff you could have got from Google, get back to the office after a couple of days and forget what you learned as you dig your way out of a mountain of emails.

Bot Strategy Bootcamp is a 3-day online course with 12 hours of interactive sessions. We don’t just teach you the process, we give you the tools and templates we use to identify opportunities, create a vision, build a business case, and define a phased program of work that delivers measurable impact and solid ROI for your business.

During the course, you’ll practice using these tools. By the end of the course, you’ll have everything you need to go build a brilliant bot strategy.

Bootcamp costs $2k. Discounts are available for multiple attendees from the same organization.

That’s less than 5% of the cost of getting in external consultants.

It’s nothing compared to the cost of false starts and delays in this critical area of business transformation.

Participants in the first round of Bootcamp said:

“The training was amazing. I come from an IT background, and I learned a lot.”
“Before it was like the wild west. This gives us the structure for prioritizing, planning and implementing”
“Do it! I loved the interactive sessions. Enjoyed every minute”

You can do this. But you need to take action now.

Check out the Bot Strategy Bootcamp brochure for more details.

If you’ve already got an IVR, voice, or chatbot deployed, or you’ve got plans to build one, Bootcamp will make sure you too are able to progress as quickly as Bindi and her team.

In the meantime, suffice to say that with the confidence that Gordon gave me, I’ve gone on to cook bigger and better steaks.

Here’s a favorite of mine:

Bone-in ribeye, also known as Cote de Boeuf. And don’t worry, I’m not blowing up the environment to enjoy a good steak like this. It comes from a local farm just down the road.

This is the last in a 6-part series on the Bot Management System, and Bot Strategy. Check out the earlier blogs here:

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