Bot Strategy

Creating impactful IVR, voice and chat bots starts with a bot strategy

If you know you need to do something, but you’re not quite sure what, or how to justify it.  You need a bot strategy. Through our Discovery process we co-create a vision with you, and harness data to build a business case and a phased plan to deliver it.

How it works

We understand and align your customer and business needs and look at your technical environment and roadmap. This allows us to create a vision for Conversational AI in your business that will deliver happy customers and business results in a way that fits with your current and future technical capability. 

We can focus on one channel, like IVR, SMS, chatbots or voice assistants, or take a holistic view of how you engage customers in automated conversations.

What we do

You need to own the strategy. We get that. Maybe you can do some of this stuff yourselves. That's great. But an outside in view is invaluable. And a framework to search out and bring together the insights, and build it into a blueprint for success is a big lift. We'll make sure it gets done. With you.

Our Discovery process has been honed over 20 years of experience in this field, and consists of 2 stages: Diagnose and Recommend


Customer Experience

  • Review data from your contact center and existing automation

  • Conduct focus groups with agents, and review transcripts of customer interactions with agents and existing automated systems.

  • Review any survey data you have and conduct additional surveys to fill any gaps

  • Compare your customer experience with others in your industry

Technical Feasibility

  • Review current and planned self-service architecture

  • Asses available data and APIs

  • Understand the IT roadmap and capacity

Business Needs

  • Conduct problem framing workshops with executives and subject matter experts (SMEs)

  • Identify and understand the metrics that matter to you, and what drives them

  • Understand your positioning, brand and strategy

Maturity Analysis

  • Understand scope of existing automation

  • Review your team capability

  • Inspect design, delivery, measurement and management processes


CX Vision

  • Demonstrate the problems in the current experience

  • Outline the features and functions you need to implement

  • Bring the vision to life with recorded audio, and animated storyboards

Business Case

  • A detailed business benefits analysis based on your data

  • Forecast of the direct, measurable financial benefits

  • An estimate of costs and timeline to deliver on the vision with your team and partners 

Maturity Target

  • Capability gaps you need to fill

  • Process improvements to focus on

Phased Roadmap

  • Quick wins you can deliver now

  • A phased roadmap with ROI for each stage

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