Conversation Design

Creating great conversational experiences starts with conversation design

If you know what you need to do, but need help doing it, and making it special.  A design project is a customer centric process that delivers the specification for delivery teams and research to prove your customers will love it

How it works

Designing conversations is different to traditional digital experience design. We apply the principals of human conversation to create dialogs that feel natural, engaging and purposeful. It starts with defining the persona of your conversational AI, and sketching scripts that bring it to life. Then we create a prototype and test with your customers, and iterate until we know they’re going to love it. The process is aligned with data science to ensure the design will shine on whatever conversational AI platform you’re using. And of course, the whole process is driven by data from usability research, and live deployments. Putting your customer at the heart of the design process.

What we do

We'll bring a team of expert conversation designers who'll work with you and your team to deliver designs that your customers will love. We take ownership of the design, and leverage your talent wherever possible, or you can own the design, and we'll fill in the gaps in your team. But we'll never compromise on the outcome.

We'll create the designs in our design tool, that you'll get to use free of charge. And we'll use it to create prototypes for usability testing. But don't worry, there's no lock-in. The designs are exportable.

We can help with one or more of the key disciplines in data driven conversation design:


Context Gathering

  • Brand analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • Consumer research

  • Business focus groups

  • Contact patterns and system usage


  • Wizard of Oz Prototype build

  • Participant recruitment

  • Usability testing

  • Analysis and report


Conversation Design

  • High level design

  • Persona design

  • Sample Dialogs

  • Detailed design

  • Audo production

  • TTS markup

Data Science

  • Training data analysis

  • Intent structure and definitions

  • Disambiguation design

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