Bot Management

You don’t have an app, you have a bot workforce

They need targets, measurement, and managing, just like any high performing team. If you want to make the most of your bot platform… you need bot management.  We call it HR for AI.

How it works

We understand your strategy, business case and design. We dive deep into your analytics, and understand the gaps between what you want, and what you’re getting. We work with the design team, data science and development to scope activities that will move the needle on the metrics that matter to you. Then we’ll hold teams accountable to deliver the updates, and we’ll measure their impact. The cycle repeats on a tempo that works for your organisation. We make sure you get the most out of your investments in conversational AI.

What we do

Maybe you're doing some of this already. Maybe you're not. We'll partner with you to implement the process, coach the team and make sure bot management gets done. 

Manage Objectives

  • Align the bot program with your corporate, departmental, and personal objectives 

  • Set SMART targets for your bots

  • Analyze performance and identify gaps

  • Assist with Agile Program Increment (PI) and Iteration planning

  • Align existing backlog items and new functionality with upcoming iterations

Monitor & Improve

  • Build a performance model to understand and predict the impact of change

  • Assess the impact of design and technical changes and constraints

  • Ensure the right measurement capability is in place

  • Monitor implementation & rollout

  • Validate business impact and provide input into subsequent release cycles

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