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We’re a diverse bunch who misspent their youth trying to make clunky automated phone systems cool again. Now we work wonders on IVR, voice and chatbots because customers love to talk, whatever the channel. With decades of experience and an approach refined over 20 years in business, we help you create amazing conversational experiences, and move the needle on the metrics that matter to you.

20 years of looking after bots, and the people who use them

A long time ago, when IVR was a new fangled technology, chatbots were a science experiment and the only voice assistants were in science fiction movies, something important happened. The founding team at VoxGen (although we weren't called that back then) realised that the customer services industry needed to think differently about these new automated phone systems. They weren't a way to block customers from reaching agents. They were a way to engage customers in natural conversations. Conversations that leverage the human instinct for language. We're thankful to our friends and colleagues at Voice Partners (that later became VoxGen) for helping us, and the world, see the light. Diego is still with us, but Wally Brill, James Giangola, Dan Padgett, Margaret Urban and Stephen Mailey are all now helping make Google Assistant more human and helpful. We do the same for your IVR, voice and chat bot systems.

Leadership team

VoxGen team - Kerry Robinson

Kerry Robinson


An Oxford physicist with a Masters in Artificial Intelligence, Kerry is a technologist, scientist and lover of data with over 20 years' experience in Conversational AI. He combines Business, Customer Experience and Technical expertise to deliver IVR, voice and chat bot strategy, and keep VoxGen buzzing.

VoxGen team - Dan Aslet

Dan Aslet

Conversation Design & UX

Dan spent the early part of his career as an audio engineer and consultant creating the pop sounds of the 90s and early 2000s. He swapped pop stars for IVRs 10 years ago, and now leads VoxGen's User Experience practice. He's an expert conversation designer, facilitator and process guru.

Chris Carter headshot

Chris Carter

Finance & Operations

A maths geek, spreadsheet wizard and fantasy football phenomenon. Chris is a chartered accountant with experience as Finance Director for a global ad agency. Chris keeps an eye on the numbers, sorts out contracts, looks out for our staff, and gets stuff done.

Consulting team leads

Margaret Boothroyd

Margaret Boothroyd

Principal Linguist

A conversation design magician, who creates characterful and persuasive prompting for IVR, voice and chat bot designs. Margaret is a linguist, conversation designer, consultant and coach with over 17 years' experience helping teams deliver gorgeous conversational experiences that move the needle on the metrics that matter in your business.


Diego Montefusco

Senior Conversation Designer

A passionate multi-lingual conversation designer who combines design flair with the attention to detail of a master watchmaker. With over 20 years' experience crafting IVR, voice and chat bot designs in the US, UK and Europe, Diego has a unique combination of design, technical, and process engineering skills that underpin incredible designs that mature through ongoing, iterative optimisation. Or Bot management, as we like to call it.

Jeff Wiebe

Jeff Wiebe

Conversation Design & UX Research

A conversation designer and pyschologist who understands how human factors research and design works. For customers, users, and teams. Jeff has over a decade of experience delivering awesome IVR, voice and chat experiences for large business to consumer brands in the US and UK.